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This article is about humiris. If you ever wanted to find out more about dating girls from Indonesia, this is for you. Read more of humiris:

You'll find humiris at a lot of restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops and even malls. When you're looking for food or drinks, you may find humiris in a few places. Humiris is also quite popular in the United States.

I got my first taste of humiris when I visited a friend. I had never tried humiris before, so I had a pretty bad experience. I was so confused, and so hungry! I went to the bathroom right after, and found humiris, but it tasted very different than what I thought. The texture was more like a thick, soft and creamy dessert. I was even surprised that it wasn't the "chili sauce" that many Americans have heard about. The humiris I tasted didn't taste like any kind of food I ever had, but they reminded me of a really good cup of tea. It had a kind of soft sweetness, and there was a hint of spice. I didn't think the flavor was great, but I guess if you like good humiris, they're probably going to work for you.

And I'm not just talking about my food taste tests.

The other night, my mom and I went to a party at my friend's house, where she was invited. I don't know if she likes me, but she seemed excited to go out with me because she's really pretty, and has good manners. She came to the party with her friend who was just a nice guy. I had to pretend I was her brother, and to make things easier, I invited my mom and my brother to go to the party too. So our mom goes out to the kitchen and gets me a drink of water. She makes me drink three glasses, but the one she's holding is only half full. She's trying to make me feel better because it's my brother's birthday, but it's still very strange that I'd ever be able to drink water like that. She tries to make it better by taking a picture of it and sending it to me. But she's not happy with it and asks me to drink another glass. When I get back to my room, I immediately take a bottle of water to my room and drink it. I still don't feel it. This is how it feels: When I drink water, I don't feel a sense of euphoria and my mind is still a lot clearer. I can clearly understand what's going on in my head. When I'm alone and I'm not thinking about anything, when I'm just in the mood to relax, this is the feeling. When I'm drinking water, my mind feels totally clear. That's why I can read a book, talk to girls, work, watch TV without any problem. It's not like it is the alcohol that I'm taking. I've already taken two days off, and I'm going to take one more day. When I'm drinking water, I'm thinking about girls all the time, all my friends are talking to me and I'm always reading a book. I don't drink alcohol on my own, it's a gift from my friend and my sister. It makes me a better man. That's why I'm going to go and get a bottle of beer right away."

"I know the whole thing is fake, but I think it's the only way to get my mind right, that is, to forget everything."

"I was watching a TV show on Indonesian news, and one of the anchors mentioned this girl called "Mimi" that is in a very bad way. She has a terrible relationship with her mom. She wants to be married, but the mother of her father doesn't agree with her. I thought it was a real thing, and I said to myself, "She must be really desperate." Then, I heard a woman cry in the background and I was like, "Yes, it is true!" When the show ended, I was so happy."

"In the end, the guy I'm dating, he said to me, "I think this is very interesting. I've never heard of this girl. Maybe you will find some kind of success with her." And I said, "You know, I'm just going to go and check it out. And I'm going to be prepared to be totally honest with her, and it will be interesting." And we went to the party, and I think we had sex right there."

"A girl called Mimi, she lives in Jakarta. We went to meet her and her boyfriend, and he came and took a picture of me. That's where my story begins."

"I was 18 and she was 23, and she said, "Come to my place in the city. I'm a model and I've worked a lot on camera." I thought, "OK, I'll do it." And we went to her place. We ended up getting some coffee. When we were talking, she started flirting with me, and I was like, "You know, I haven't kissed anybody in a while." And she said, "You've kissed my boyfriend. And I love you."

"I was in my mid-20s, and I thought I'd go out and get some money to buy some new clothes, because I was still struggling to get out of the house and I needed some money. And then she said, "You'll be with me." So we started going to bars. I was into it; I was having sex with a lot of girls.

"She introduced me to a group of women in their early to mid-30s, and we started talking. She was into sex. We were going to go out, get the girls we needed, and get out of there. But she was into sex too. It was like her. We were having sex and I felt like I wanted more. She told me to get her phone number and call her.